Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Best Grand Canyon North Rim Overlook

Click on the pictures to get the full effect.

Seems a fairly typical observation point:


Viewed from down the road:


The North Rim is an experience not to be missed if you really want to see the Big Ditch. It's quite a bit higher than the South Rim, which means it's cooler with pine trees and lingering snow. Because of that you actually look down on the South Rim across the canyon and get a much better picture of what you're experiencing. Because it's a bit harder to get to the campground gets less traffic. The lodge is spectacular and gorgeous. Don't skip the rim walk at the lodge - I've seen people frozen in fear on the guardrail, and in spring there are numerous waterfalls down below.
Just don't order anything at the bar. The concession is privately owned and is a complete ripoff.

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